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As well as the normal off the shelf exhausts from suppliers such as ARROW/LEOVINCI/GIANELLI/BILLS PIPES USA/FMF/DEP/SCORPION/WHITE BROTHERS, we specialise in hand built systems. We ensure the exhaust is matched to your level of tune and requirements. The basic design of the exhaust is carried out using three different computerised programs, this helps us to look at the engine and how it will perform with any given designs of exhausts. We look at the application, port timings, and the use the engine is going receive within the computer programs, and then a basic design is worked out.

The next stage is to produce a template, this aids fitting ensuring the exhaust can be made with good ground clearance, as well as frame and rider clearance etc.

The final exhaust ensure optimum performance is gained from your application, as well as correct fittment.

We also make use of our cone and diffuser adjustable pipes, these are a set of straight through pipes which can be quickly and easily adjusted to finalise the dimensions and properties of the exhaust.

Once all this is carried out, we then begin to manufacture your exhaust to our own high standards.

A completed exhaust.