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Above are just a small selection of some of the porting tools we use, when tuning your cylinder, engine casing, or other parts.

All tuning and porting work is carried out in house, using many thousands of pounds worth of specialist equipment

Our approach to tuning is carried out in many ways, from the latest computer software to our years of knowledge and experience. We combine both and much more to look at the tuning or work you require on an individual basis.

Of course different applications will require us to work to differing specifications, and so our first job is to talk to you to find out what the application is to be used for.

We would then determine the horse power required from the cubic capacity we are working or allowed to work with, of course taking into account the revolutions per minute the engine needs to be working at. Of course all of this needs to be safe running at the feet per second speeds we are looking to achieve.

From the above information, we then start to design your application using BMEP, Brake Mean Efficient Pressure equations. This ensures the work we carry out achieves the exact port time areas needed to produce the products needed to meet your goals.

Our tuning work is looked at and advised from an overall package, from start to finish we can supply, manufacture or build all components you require.