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Performance & Tuning

Machine work

Machining, modifications, welding, tuning, manufacturing, reboring, honing, milling, lathe work, cylinder head profile, crank true and balance, exhaust design and manufacture are just some of the things we can offer you.

We offer all of this work on most two stroke motorcycles, as well as certain four stroke engines, exhaust, carburettors, one off builds.

Crankshaft rebuilds The crank is the heart beat of any engine, we always advise the crank is checked, repaired and up rated.
  • Upgrade
  • True
  • Conrod conversion
  • welding
  • Precision 180 / 360 degree alignment
All our work is carried out using wire eroded jigs and other specialist tooling. We offer work on all single cylinder two stroke crankshafts, most twin crankshafts such as TZ, TZR, RD, LC, RGV, KRIS etc. We also offer off the shelf crankshafts, see our parts page for details.

  • Tig welding,
  • Gas welding,
  • Alloy welding,
  • Mig welding,
  • On almost all metal types, steel, alloy, stainless etc.

  • Multi purpose lather for all milling procedures,
  • Cylinder heads,
  • Engine cases,
  • Manufacturing one off parts

Re-Boring & Honing
  • Cylinders from 38mm to 98mm
  • Piston to cylinder matching,
  • Piston lightening,
  • Carburettor D bore modifications.

No job is too big or too small, contact us to discuss your requirements.